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Reem Hamdan

1,000 first women hired or promoted by partners

These women are the first female employees to assume positions historically occupied by men. Reem Hamdan is one of these women.

I had always managed to survive workplace hardships, but there was a particularly difficult time when I began to consider early retirement, and Engendering Industries taught me that I can persevere... Engendering Industries kept me going because I learned that what was happening to me happens to women worldwide. I learned that there were strategies for people and companies to overcome these challenges.

Reem Hamdan, CEO of Electricity Distribution Company | Jordan

In 2023, 68% of Engendering Industries partners promoted women at the same rate as men.

ISWSC promoted women so that their executive committee now has gender parity.

We are taking a big stand which you hardly see organizations in Nigeria doing, but it's natural. It is unique to do what we are doing, but even the men who were skeptical are beginning to see the issue of gender as something that concerns everybody. This has impacted our reputation positively.

Engineer Emeka Ugoanyanu, CEO of Imo State Water and Sewage Corporation | Nigeria  

Emeka Ugoanyanu
Tinuada Sanda

80 organizational policies drafted or improved to advance gender equality.

EKEDC strengthened or adopted seven policies that advanced gender equality and provided protections against gender-based violence and sexual harassment.

It has helped our business improve... I want anybody who sees our brand to know that we give everybody equal opportunity.

Dr. Tinuada Sanda, CEO of Eko Electricity Distribution Company | Nigeria

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