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Our Approach

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A Proven Approach to Advancing Gender Equality

Since its inception in 2015, Engendering Industries has honed a proven methodology for advancing workforce gender equality. Using this approach, Engendering Industries has increased gender equality, advanced economic opportunities for women, and improved business performance at male-dominated companies worldwide. 

  • 74% of our company partners have increased the proportion of women on staff.
  • 68% our partners now promote women at the same rate as men or higher.  
  • 75% of our partners observed that gender equality has improved their business performance. 

Learn more about the fundamental components of the Engendering Industries approach below.

The Engendering Industries Approach

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Engendering Industries supports companies in identifying high-impact interventions that will advance gender equality to achieve business performance goals. The program supports companies to review and improve their business practices at every stage of the employee life cycle, from attraction and talent outreach to employee compensation and benefits. The program also supports companies in assessing the enabling environment and cross-cutting factors that support or preclude gender equality, including corporate policies, internal and external communication, and culture. 

Engendering Industries’ unique and comprehensive employee life cycle model is the foundation of our gender equality tool, Delivering Gender Equality: A Best Practices Framework for Male-Dominated IndustriesThe Best Practices Framework is a curated compilation of best practices that companies should apply across the employee life cycle to achieve gender equality. The tool guides companies to benchmark their practices, identify gaps, and develop a tailored, strategic plan to improve gender equality across their workforce. The tool is updated regularly with global evidence and is a practical, actionable tool that any company can use. 

Learn More: Delivering Gender Equality: A Best Practices Framework for Male-Dominated Industries 

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Driving organizational change to improve gender equality is hard work, and it can take years to achieve results. Our Engendering Industries gender and change management coaches support companies to stay focused, be strategic, and nimbly address barriers and challenges that arise during the change management process. Coaches use change management principles, customized tools, academic coursework, capacity building, men's engagement strategies, and other tailored support to help companies create and implement the policies and practices needed to build a gender-equitable corporate culture and workplace.   

Learn More: Change Management Coaching for Gender Equality Guide

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Engendering Industries supports partners in developing a unique, company-specific business case that demonstrates how gender equality will increase profits, improve innovation, streamline decision-making, or improve other business outcomes at their company. The business case is vital for generating company buy-in, securing leadership commitment, and ensuring gender equality is viewed as a critical element of the corporate business strategy. 

Leadership buy-in enables new corporate policies to take root and fosters a corporate culture that supports gender equality. Using our proven methodology, we build relationships with company leaders to generate this buy-in. Before partnering with a new company, we ask CEOs to sign letters of commitment, empower employees participating in our program, and personally model support for gender equality. Engendering Industries uses an intensive company onboarding process and in-person coaching visits to build relationships between the program, our coaches, and influential company stakeholders across leadership levels and departments.  

Learn More: The Business Case Knowledge Center

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Engendering Industries trains company employees to look at the workplace and the world through a gender lens. Through various programs, including the Workforce Gender Equality Accelerated Program, company employees learn how men and women experience the workplace in unique ways. Our courses and trainings foster the knowledge, skills, and attitudes companies and employees need to implement strategic gender equality interventions and build a positive corporate culture that supports equality. Employees will learn the fundamentals of:

  • Gender equality
  • Gender equity
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Leadership development and gender equality change management
  • Best practices for addressing workplace gender equality across the employee life cycle 

Learn More: Workforce Gender Equality Accelerated Program

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While gender equality benefits both men and women, men are often less likely to engage in the issue. Without men's participation, equality initiatives can face resistance, particularly in male-dominated organizations. Engendering Industries explicitly fosters men’s engagement. We request that companies nominate influential male employees to participate in the program, and provide tailored trainings that foster healthy masculinity in the workplace, and build an informed cadre of male gender equality champions at the company.  

Learn More: Engendering Industries Men's Engagement Program

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Collecting, analyzing, and using sex-disaggregated data allows companies to identify the most significant gender equality gaps and make data-informed, strategic decisions. Engendering Industries has developed a suite of data tools, including an online gender equality assessment tool and a series of guides on goal setting, target setting, and developing and using company surveys. These tools enable companies to create strategic plans, make evidence-based decisions, and measure progress toward gender equality. 

Learn More:  Data and Gender Equality Knowledge Center

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Workplace gender-based violence (GBV) affects employees' physical, psychological, and economic well-being and impacts their productivity. GBV has cost implications for companies, including legal and insurance costs, inability to attract or retain talent, damage to company reputation, brand, and image, and lost workforce productivity. Engendering Industries has developed a training curriculum on survivor-centered approaches to prevent, mitigate, and respond to workplace GBV in male-dominated industries. 

Learn More: Survivor-Centered Approaches Knowledge Center

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Engendering Industries trains women and men to exercise personal agency, create a personal and professional life vision, set goals, identify needs, overcome limiting beliefs, develop the positive mental habits needed to advance professionally, and the drive to implement strategic plans. In partnership with the Johns Hopkins University Self-Empowerment for Equity Initiative, we train mid- and senior-level employees to develop leadership competencies to progress in their own careers while also advancing equality and opportunities for others. 

Learn More: The Self-Empowerment and Equity for Change Initiative (SEE Change) | Johns Hopkins | Bloomberg School of Public Health (

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