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The Best Practices Framework

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    A Practical Tool for Advancing Gender Equality

    Delivering Gender Equality: A Best Practices Framework for Male-Dominated Industries is a curated tool that outlines global best practices for advancing gender equality across a corporate structure. The Best Practices Framework allows companies to complete a workplace gender equality assessment, identify gender equality gaps in their organization, select best practices to implement at each phase of the employee lifecycle and build a tailored plan to advance gender equality. Engendering Industries updates the tool annually to reflect evolving international standards and cutting-edge gender equality research. 

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The Employee Life Cycle Model

The Best Practices Framework is organized around Engendering Industries' unique employee life cycle model, which includes eight phases and four cross-cutting organizational enablers. Transformational change requires action across each phase of the employee life cycle and the entire corporate structure.  


Best Practices Framework Employee Lifecycle Graphic

Create a Gender Equality Plan for Your Company

In the interactive Best Practices Framework, you can explore actions to improve workplace gender equality, read reference materials and guides for implementation, and select best practices to build a customized action plan to fill gaps at your company.

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Best Practices Framework

Delivering Gender Equality: A Best Practices Framework for Male-Dominated Industries

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