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USAID Senior Gender Advisor shared how Engendering Industries supports male-dominated companies to increase workforce gender equality at Counterpart event in Washington, D.C.

Engendering Industries: Advancing Women’s Leadership in Sustainable Economies

Our new website,, creates an engaging user experience that enables users to advance gender equality and women’s empowerment leveraging cutting-edge tools, research, and...

Engendering Industries January 2024 Newsletter

As global leaders convened in Dubai to discuss collaborative action on climate change, Engendering Industries illustrated the important role women play in developing solutions to the climate crisis.

The Intersection of Gender Equality and Climate Action

USAID’s Engendering Industries improves economic opportunities for women in the country’s energy sector.

Empowering Women to Power the Dominican Republic

Engendering Industries was recognized by the White House as a Women in the Sustainable Economy (WISE) flagship program, which aims to bolster women’s economic empowerment globally.

White House Initiative Recognizes Engendering Industries

ISWSC’s state campaign to pass the Violence Against People Prohibition Act is one of several public initiatives the company has used to advance gender equality both inside and outside the workplace.

ISWSC Campaign to End Gender-Based Violence Results in New Legislation in Nigeria

To scale impact, Engendering Industries embeds gender equality trainings at partner institutions worldwide.

Through a Local Lens: Institutionalizing Gender Equality

Nigerian Partners Target Female STEM Students to Increase Women in Technical Roles

Nigerian Partners Target Female STEM Students to Increase Women in Technical Roles

In partnership with Power Africa, USAID’s Engendering Industries program supports Women in African Power to grow and sustain professional women’s networks across Africa.

Powering the Potential of Women’s Networks

At our Annual Results Webinar we describe how our approach has resulted in the hiring and promotion of 12,900 women since 2020, with 75% of partners reporting business improvements.

Engendering Industries Annual Results Webinar