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    Our Results

    USAID’s Engendering Industries program increases workforce gender equality at 68 companies across 39 countries on six continents. The program's approach is comprised of six key pillars. Implemented together, these pillars tangibly increase workplace gender equality and improve business performance at partner companies worldwide. 

    USAID’s Engendering Industries partners have implemented more than 940 interventions at their companies, advancing gender equality while improving business performance in the process. 

Engendering Industries partners have increased gender equality and improved business performance.

USAID’s Engendering Industries program supports 47 longer-term partners* across 30 countries to increase gender equality in male-dominated industries, with tangible gender equality and business performance results.


Observed business improvements 


Observed improved employee retention


Observed organizational reputation


Observed revenue improvements 

* Life of project results reported on this page are from 47 longer-term partners, who have worked with the program for two or more years. Results are from 2017-2024.

Working with Engendering Industries, partners have increased the proportion of women across their workforce.


Women hired or promoted by partners since 2017


Women hired or promoted into technical and leadership roles since 2020


Partners who have increased the proportion of women on staff since 2015


Young women and girls enrolled in internships and trainee programs at partner organizations since 2021

With Engendering Industries support, partners have implemented over 950 actions to increase gender equality.

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Created 80 gender equality-related policies

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Participants invested over 6,900 business days implementing gender equality actions

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Reached 6,200 female students and job seekers through school outreach and career development events

Engendering Industries' comprehensive approach creates transformational change.

* Life of project results from 68 partners between 2017-2024.

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